AMCL Spring 2018 Newsletter

AMCL News Spring 2018
University of Delaware Advanced Materials Characterization Laboratory

A central mission of the AMCL is the education, research, and training of students at the University of Delaware.

The AMCL also collaborates with researchers in industry and other academic institutes.


The lab continues to grow in many areas and provides quality service and science to internal research groups and Industrial users. Since the implementation of regularly scheduled shorts courses last spring, the lab now has the ability to provide students, staff and external users the educational opportunity to take advantage of. Approximately 16 different analytical short courses are offered each month with one-on-one training during the user’s first couple of instrument scheduled usage. Since May of 2017 over 300 students and external users have taken advantage of these short courses.


The AMCL would like to welcome Dr. Chin-Chen Kuo who will serve as the facilities Analytical Chemist.

He received his Master degree at University of Pennsylvania in 2009 and his PhD in Material Science from the University of Delaware in 2016. He is a great addition to the AMCL staff.


A new core (shared university-wide) water quality laboratory has been created and will further enhance existing analytical instrumentation and infrastructure in the AMCL to serve faculty and students from four UD colleges (CAS, COE, CEOE, CANR), the Delaware Geological Survey, and Delaware State University.


Spotlight on New Instrumentation in 2018


Lakeshore low temperature probe station: Measurements up to 67 Ghz and temperatures down to 5 K. Installation will begin in April 2018.


AR 2000 Rheometer:  Extremely versatile and appropriate for a wide variety of applications including fluids of any viscosity, polymer melts, solids, and reactive materials. This instrument is installed and short course has been developed .


Stavac Water Isotopic Analyzer: This instrument has been installed as part of the new UD Water Quality shared facility. The system includes a cavity enhanced absorption technique  for measurements of both isotopic liquid water and water vapor.


Future Instrumentation in 2018


3D X-ray microscopes/ CT scanners: The AMCL is very excited to be working with the industrial partner, W.L.Gore in the acquisition of two new 3D X-ray microscopes that will greatly enhance the facilities ability to meet the current  University of Delaware’s research needs. We anticipate these new instrument to be purchased in the summer of 2018.


Laser Ablation ICP/MS: We are currently soliciting bids for a new LA ICP/MS system to replace the aging system in the lab. This new system will reduce sample preparation time and provide 2D mapping of chemistry in the ppm range.


Future Instrumentation in 2018

SAXSlab small angle X-ray scattering system: Installation of a new SAXS system will be installed in June of 2018, this new system will be a substantial upgrade over the current SAXS system in the AMCL. Various sample stages will provide in situ mechanical and environment testing of materials.


Anasys NanoIR2 upgrade: The current NanoIR2 will be upgraded with a new Quantum Cascade laser system. This upgrade will enhance the already valuable technique and increase the sensitivity and reduce analysis time.


Education and Outreach

October 2017 AMCL research Scientist Dr. Jing Qu received first prize for her poster at the Biointerface Workshop. Congratulations to our Dr. Jing Qu (advisor David Martin) University of Delaware.


Summer 2017 the lab sponsored two high school students, Wade and Cassidy Poon from the Charter School of Wilmington. They conducted research and presented there work at the Delaware Science fair competition where they took first place and moved on to the regional level.


UD undergraduate student Kate Holden worked in the lab summer 2017 where she sampled water from the Redclay creek and perform speciation of Zinc pollutants from the former NVF facility in Hockessin Delaware. Her work was the featured article in the local newspaper and was present at the UD undergraduate research symposium.


New Industrial Users

Although the central mission of the AMCL is to support the University of Delaware’s educational and research needs we welcome external and industrial users. Notable new external users we welcome to the facility include:


Johnson & Johnson

Avery Dennison

Stride One


University of North Dakota

New Jersey Institute of Technology


We would like to thank all of our users and look forward to an exciting 2018.


Gerald Poirier, Manager

Roddel Remy, Research Scientist

Jing Qu, Research Scientist

Chin Chen Kuo, Analytical Chemist

Caroline Golt, Research Staff