It is important that you read this information regarding the use of x-ray devices in the AMCL even if you do not plan to work with these devices.

The west wing of the AMCL is dedicated to work that requires the use of x-ray producing devices.  The entrance to this area is well marked with an x-ray warning sign.  Certain rules must be followed when you are present in this area in order to comply with State of Delaware regulations and UD policies.

X-ray exposure at high levels can result in immediate health effects and, at lower levels, may increase cancer risk.  For this reason, all the devices in this area are built to contain the x-rays within a confinement so that persons working in this area are not exposed.  The devices pose no hazard if they are properly used.

  • If you wish to operate x-ray devices, you must – 1) attend an x-ray safety lecture provided by the UD Radiation Safety Officer, 2) wear a radiation badge whenever operating x-ray devices, and 3) obtain authorization from the AMCL Manager.
  • You may only enter this area if you are an approved x-ray operator or are escorted by an approved x-ray operator.
  • Each x-ray producing device has an XRAY ON light which, when lit, indicates that it is generating x-rays within the confinement of the device.
  • If you are not an approved x-ray operator, do not touch or attempt to open any x-ray device in this area.
  • If there is a problem with any x-ray device, inform the AMCL Manager.  You are not authorized to conduct repairs on these x-ray devices.  Power shut-down buttons on each device are well marked in case of an emergency.

For more information about working in this area or to report a problem with an x-ray device contact the AMCL Manger or the Radiation Safety Officer.  Contact information is posted at the entrance to the x-ray section of the lab (dehsafety@udel.edu, 302-831-8475).


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