Safety is extremely important when conducting experiments. All AMCL users are required to practice safe lab practices that they have learned from the mandatory laboratory safety training provided by the University of Delaware.

General Safety Practices

  • No eating or drinking is allowed in the lab.
  • No sample prep without consent from the AMCL staff.
  • No wet chemistry or synthesis is allowed in the AMCL.
  • No open-toed shoes, sandals, or shorts may be worn in the lab.
  • Proper attire in the lab includes nitrile or latex gloves (as needed).
  • Do not wear laboratory gloves outside the lab.
  • Do not touch lab doors with lab gloves.
  • Do not use a computer keyboard or mouse with lab gloves.
  • This is a shared user space. Keep your work area neat and orderly upon finishing your experiment.

X-Ray Instruments Special Instructions

All users of X-Ray instruments must complete the required safety training and receive a monitoring badge prior to attending the short course.

To Obtain a Monitoring Badge

Log into your UD BioRAFT account: and take the online training course found in the course directory, this should be the last one on the list.
Upon completion, contact the UD radiation safety officer: and schedule an in person or Zoom meeting. This usually takes less than 0.5 hours.
You will then receive a form to bring to the lab that we will both sign and return to UD EHS.

Attention Raman Users:

All users of the Kaiser System must complete UD Laser safety training prior to attending the training course. Login to your BioRaft account and take the online Laser safety training.